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Argosy III - Wesley Furr

Stop No. 38
Location:  Bridgewater, Virginia
Photographer:  Wesley Furr
Date:  December 2008

Argosy Journal:

I received the Argus World Argosy as the project was turned over to me to manage.  I ran a roll of film through it in December of 2008, using two of the photos for the annual ACG Holiday Photo Contest.  After too long of a delay, in part due to camera problems, it finally moved on to the next participant.  This was my first time using a C4, and it was a pleasure to use.  Photos were shot on expired Kodak Royal Gold 200 film.

The Photographs:

The Christmas tree ornaments have been removed from the tree and are in the process of being filed away into their storage boxes until next year.  This photo was taken by existing light coming in the window, f/2.8 aperture as I recall.  I went on to enter this photo into the local county fair photo contest, where it managed a 2nd place award.

I love Christmas lights, especially the big C7 and C9 sized bulbs.  My mother found these oversized replicas on sale one year after Christmas and bought them for me - they are about a foot tall.

All photographs this page 2008 Wesley Furr