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Argus Day

This is the official website of Argus Day - the original 'take your Argus camera with you' day, created in 2001 by James M. Surprenant, Marcy Merrill and members of the Argus Collectors Group.

Each consecutive Argus Day falls one year and one day after the previous. Thus, Argust 1st was 8/1/2001 and Argust 2nd was 8/2/2002. This year, the 23rd annual Argus Day will be Wednesday, Argust 23, 2023.

You are encouraged to grab your favorite Argus Camera, load it and carry it with you on on the appointed day, wherever you go. Take photographs during the day and then submit jpegs of your two favorite images to this site by sending them as email attachments to wesley at megley . com.

Galleries from prior years can be found in the links below.  Due to a server crash and other mishaps, several years worth of photos are missing.  If you have any of yours that you would care to re-submit, please do so and they will be posted.  Please send your two photos and any notes to argus at megley dot com

Argust 2, 2002

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