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Holiday Photo Contest 2013 Gallery

Please click here if you wish to view the rules and details about this past contest.

Earl English
Decorated Lamp in Forest City, NC (C-44-010C) was taken with a C Forty Four, film Ultrafine Xtreme 100 processed in PC-Glycol.

Fountain in Forest City, NC (C-44-014-R) taken with same C forty Four, same roll of film.

Santa in Barber Shop Window. Artwork by one of the Barbers, Michele (who caught me taking the picture and demanded a copy). Was made with an Argus CR-3E, using Ultrafine Xtreme 100 processed in PC-Glycol. This is a scan of the print that I made for her.

Other photos by Earl can be found on Picasa by following this link.

Edmund J. Kowalski
My camera of choice for this Holiday Argus shooting was a Model 21 Markfinder, Serial No. 0000044489.
Images were captured on a roll of Fujifilm Superia X-TRA asa 400.

"Arizona Penguin" was photographed here at home in High Ridge, MO. Lighting was with a single Sun Gun type movie light on a tripod, 3400 Kelvin temperature, and with the help of a blue filter in front of the lens. Painting in background is one of my own.

"Letter to Santa" presented itself in a shop window in downtown Kirkwood, MO. Hand held, maybe f:11 @1/200.

"Purple Sleds" were on display at another business in downtown Kirkwood near the RR tracks. Hand held, exposure settings unrecorded.

All images are ©2013 E.J.Kowalski.
After the contest deadline, you can find a gallery of images from the remainder of the film at:

Joe Smith

Vintage Christmas tree ornament, probably German 1890. Camera CR1 film Fuji Iso 400 f5.6 30sec

They use big toys here in Haliburton to clear the driveway for Christmas.
Camera CR1 film Fuji Iso 400  F16 500 sec

Massimo Mulè
-My Friend Lara at the city of Brixen/Bressanone (IT) some days before Christmas

-A light play that I don't know how I did...taken in Bozen/Bolzano (IT) few days before Christmas.

-A church in the center of Brixen/Bressanone (IT) taken a few days before Christmas

-The camera is an Argus CC; -The light meter is General Electric DW-49

Perry Bain

First Place
The night photo is the town common in Grafton, Massachusetts, with the tree and gazebo decorated for Christmas, at night after a snowfall. Taken with an Argus C33 with 50mm f/3.5 lens on Kodak Portra 400 film, exposure ~30 seconds @ f/11.

The other photo is the storefront of the Grafton Country Store, taken with the Argus C33, 50mm f/3.5 lens, Kodak Portra 400 film, settings 1/300 sec. @ f/22.
Don Phelps produced a wonderful acrylic painting of the winning photograph, which was awarded to the winner of the contest.

Fred Stelling
Here's a shot of some of the holiday lights on our front porch and garden, taken during the night of the recent storm that swept through the Northeast.  I took it through the window - FAR too cold, windy and snowy to be THAT dedicated to my photography ... ;0.). The extra glass and slight motion from the wind added natural diffusion and softened the image a bit, which I like as an overall mood for the picture.
Tech details:  Shot with my C44 on a tripod using Fuji 200 Superia film, 50 mm lens @f2.8, shutter on B for about 2 seconds.

Rich Reeder
12.19.2013.  Santa on eve of house.  Argus C3 # 302615 with an Argus Sandmar 100mm telephoto lens.  1/100 second, f/8.  I was out getting my grand-daughter to babysit at my house, & saw this.  It begged to be photographed.  I didn't want to walk all over the guys property to get the right view, because here in Arizona, I'd probably get shot.  So, I put the Sandmar Telephoto on, & stood by my car.

12.20.2013. Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.  Argus C3 #302615.  10 seconds, f/16.  Some years we have a big giant tree.  This year, it's a little one.  What can I say?  At least when the grandchildren tip this one over, it's easy to set upright again.  I used a tripod here.  Stopped down, the lights have that star effect that I like.

Richard Chiriboga
There is nothing like the holiday season in Florida!! everybody has great Christmas spirit, but the weather is better... People here like to decorate. even their golf carts.... This picture was taken as my brother and I rode our bikes to tarpon Springs for lunch.

I like the Christmas tree and the palms.... I took this on my way to my brother's place on Honeymoon Island. both were taken with a C3 using York 200ASA at F16...it was sunny... and the shutter speed of, yes!! 200th of a second!!!

Napoleon Cepriaso

Second Place

Title: "Christmas in the Philippines"
Camera: Argus C3 Matchmatic
Film: Kodak 200, expired 2011 but was kept in the fridge until time of use
Shutter speed:bulb for 12 seconds
Tripod-mounted with shutter release cable
Venue: Naga Cathedral for the traditional Christmas eve mass, Naga City, Philippines

I was on Christmas holiday in my hometown and I decided to take my Argus with me for the holiday photos.

Title: "Christmas Church"
Camera: Argus C3 Matchmatic, tripod-mounted
Film: Expired 2011 Kodak 200 kept in fridge until use
Exposure: 15 seconds on bulb with shutter release cable

Third Place
Title: "Nativity"
Camera: Argus C3 Matchmatic tripod-mounted
Film: 2011 expired Kodak200
Aperture: f/11
Exposure: 12 seconds on bulb with shutter release cable
Focus: infinity
Location: Naga City, Philippines

Les Hall

Christmas Kale
Argus Markfinder 21
Fuji Film: 100
Shot at 1/100th f 8
On tripod

When toys don't fit into the overhead bin.
Argus Markfinder 21
Fuji 100 color film
1/30 Sec @ f3.5
 On Tripod

Wesley Furr
The extended family gathers for Christmas Eve merriment...food is of course one of the best parts!

Reindeer stands silent guard in my parents front yard.

An interesting lighted outdoor decoration.

All taken with Argus C3 on 200-speed Fuji film, negatives scanned with a Nikon LS-2000.  First photo taken using electronic flash.