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Camera Mounted Light Meters

L44 Light Meter
Model: L44
The L44 "Clip on meter" was designed to be attached to the accessory shoe of the C4, C44. Made in West Germany.

L44 Booster Cell
Model: L44 Booster Cell No. 604
L44 meter with low light booster #604 attached.

LC3 Light Meter
Model: LC3
The LC3 was designed for use with the C3 Matchmatic camera. Made in Japan.

LC-3 Light Meter
Model: LC-3
Made for use with the C3 Matchmatic "simplified" exposure system. Made in Japan.

LM-3 Light Meter
Model: LM-3
Designed for use with the Match Matic M3 movie camera.

CM2 Light Meter
Model: CM2
The CM2 "Coupled Exposure Meter" was designed for use on the C33 and C4R and C44R cameras. It integrated with the shutter speed selection dial.

Argus SLR Light Meter
Model: Argus SLR Light Meter
CdS Coupled Meter for Argus SLR