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Argosy III - Jim Abel

Stop No. 3
Location: Omskirk, United Kingdom
Photographer: Jim Abel
Date: April 2006

Jim Abel (right) shared the World Argus C4 with newer ACG member Mike Ankers (left).

Argosy Journal:

Two years ago although I'd seen Argus cameras I had never had the pleasure of owning one, Then by a chance meeting on the Internet with a member I was able to purchase my first C3 ( Brick ) followed by a C4, C44 and now I'm the proud owner of about 16 Argus models.

My full name is James Peter Abel. Born 22nd Feb 1940 Liverpool, United Kingdom, I now live in a Small market town of Ormskirk which is about 14 miles north of Liverpool, I first took interest in photography when I was doing my National Service, in Singapore, Malaya and Borneo 60-62 when I was able to purchase a good camera at very reasonable cost -a Minolta SR1.

For the last thirty years I have been collecting cameras specialising in Russian And Soviet models, and have now added American models of all shapes and sizes. I was very happy to have the World Argusy III and together with Another U.K. member Mike Ankers from Manchester spent a very pleasant day using the camera around Ormskirk

The Photographs:

This is Ormskirk Parish church dating from 1100 A.D.
Take a closer look you will see it has a tower as well as a spire, It is one of only three churches in the UK to have so, And the only church to have them both at the same end of the building, Although the church goes back To 1100 A.D. The ground it is built on goes back as a religious site for many thousands of years previously First as a Celtic Pagan meeting place, Then as a Roman Temple, and then as a Norse site,
In fact it was a Viking who give the town it's name Ormskirk Orm meaning Hill and Kirk meaning Church, so in English it Translates as The Church on the Hill
Fuji 400 ISO
1/300 at F:11

Now then Forget CNN, FOX News Channel, BBC or even the Ormskirk Advertiser,
Here is where the real news is delivered, Topic of the day, Iraq, Politics ?
None of these, Our Ormskirk Town Crier Don Evans announcing the news that the World Argosy III has arrived in Ormskirk with a extra clang of his bell!
Fuji 400 ISO
1/300 at F:8

All photographs this page 2006 Jim Abel