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Argosy III - Stephane Bastien

Stop No.4
Location: Longiumeau, France
Photographer: Stephane Bastien
Date: April 2006

Stephane opens the Argus Argosy box upon its arrival from the UK while his son, Garris looks on.

About the photographer:

I was born in '62, 20km far from Paris, France.
When I was young, I wanted to be a photographer. Several years later, I was a photographer ! During 10 years, I worked in an ad studio, making pack-shots. I used large format cameras (Sinar, Plaubel and other marvellous things). But in 1991, my career has turned. I started to work in computer science for industry. Now, I'm a system administrator for a big company....
When I left my photographer job, my cameras stayed in closets. Then, in 1998, I've started to buy some cameras in garage sales and flea markets. One day, I was surfing on Internet, when I discovered Ebay. I was wondering what was this new site was, when I saw photographie. I was trapped !
It was in May 2003 when I bought my first camera on the bay - it was a Zorki 4K. (In fact, I bought two Zorkiis, the second as a backup! One is written in Cyrrilic and the other in Latin.) When I was young I loved this camera, but it was too expensive in France (imported by Muller shop, in Paris).Then after, I kept surfing on the bay, buying cameras without logic (!!).
One day I saw a strange squared body, with chrome.  The pictures was blurred, but the listing was talking about a classic American Camera. As the title was wrong and pictures awful, I won the auction for 2 bucks !!! I paid something like 25$ for Airmail, and some weeks later, I received my first parcel from USA...Of course, it was an ARGUS C3. Colormatic. But I didn't know it yet !
I loved this camera from the first second. You can imagine the next steps !! I bought more and more Argus cameras, printed all what I found on the net, bought some books, etc, etc. Now I sell some extra cameras on Ebay France (My ids : Ranger-photo and Argus-C3). It allows me to continue to buy my drug, Argus cameras ! I think that Argus is a true American Camera, that's why I love this brand.
What does mean American Camera for a French guy ? Simple, reliable, efficient, well done, nice and durable !!!
Well I must confess that I buy other brands too... I should have around 300 cameras at home, with, at least, 75 Argus....I've started a blog dedicated to this brand - http://argus-camera.blogspot.com/.
My collection includes A types with derivatives, C (Two C types !), C2, C3 (all sub-types !), including Matchmatic new in box, and a wonderful Golden-Shield !. Many others too, C4, C44, C21, Minca, argoflex, 75,etc, etc. C33, some Axx and K models are still missing, but, who knows ?

The Photographs:

Les Riceys

This little town is located 20 km from Troyes, in Aube department. It's the biggest Champagne's territory, all around the world !!!!
Reims and Epernay are huge towns, but vineyards are not within their territories. But at Les Riceys, vineyards are all around the town, sometimes by the houses !!!
Those houses are very old, made of carved limestone (underground is 80% limestone). Several beautiful houses with parks are hidden by walls, everywhere in the town.
Really a nice place, unknown by Frenchies, but Belgian and British like to stay in the only one Hotel-Restaurant Le Magny.
If you come in France, don't miss Les Riceys!

French Wedding

My wife's cousin was married on a very nice day.
Started by a wonderful ceremony at church, with Gospel band and flowers everywhere. Then, lunch was organized in a splendid hotel. A Renaissance Castle in fact, surrounded by a huge golf course.
All guests were invited to have a drink on the terrace. Suddenly a New Orleans band appears and walk through the crow, playing jazz. So nice !
This picture was taken just in front of the church.
Ludivine and Christophe, thanks a lot for this beautiful day. This picture is a tribute to you....

All photographs this page 2006 Stephane Bastien