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Argosy III - Edmund J. Kowalski

Stop No. 25
Location: High Ridge, Missouri
Photographer: Edmund J. Kowalski
Date: August 2007

Argosy Journal:

I was born "mid century" near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and schooled in Pennsylvania, New York State, and Massachusetts.
Currently my home base is near St. Louis, Missouri, and I work as an artist and as a photographer, producing and exhibiting paintings and photo images.
I have been publicly presenting my work for about 35 years.
My membership in the ACG began late in 2001.

When the Argosy 3 camera was delivered to me, it was a fortuitous time, since my tenure overlapped annual Argus Day, Argust 7th.

The Photographs:

I shot three rolls of film with this camera.
With the first roll I tried to capture a slice of the local scene here in Jefferson County, Missouri. The mailbox is in front of one of the very oldest structures remaining in the nearby settlement of House Springs. It is a private home dating to the 1840's.

The second roll was shot on Argust 7. It involved seeking out remnants of the St. Louis World's Fair of 1904, in the City's Forest Park. The Art Museum had great significance then and now, built with the intention of permanence. Title to the facility was turned over to the City at the close of the Fair.

The third roll of film was shot on the weekend following Argus day. I had a most enjoyable and enriching meeting with James M. Surprenant, Director of the Argosy Project. I drove up to Springfield, Illinois. James flew from Providence, Rhode Island, to Chicago that same day, and he drove down to Springfield for our rendezvous. James used the Argosy 3 C4 camera to capture this portrait of me, rubbing Abe's nose for good luck.

Additional images from these three film sessions can be viewed on my gallery pages:


All photographs this page 2007 Edmund J. Kowalski