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Argosy III - Don Phelps

Stop No. 26
Location: Peoria, Illinois
Photographer: Don Phelps
Date: August 2007

(Don at right)

About the Photographer:

I had acquired my first Argus in Air Force in April of 1961 out on St. Lawrence Island in middle of Bering Sea, Alaska. As treat to myself for Christmas, I purchased it for I believe the price was $39.95 plus extra for the Accura Wide Angle lens, and couple filters. I shot white fox in the snow around our compound at night. Camera performed great in extreme cold. It was the Match-Matic C3. I used roll of Kodachrome and tripod. Also shot a roll of black and white. I'm retired Caterpillar photographer with extensive background in Industrial Photography, and that means everything from Micro or macro to Aerial work.

The Photographs:

LST 325 stopped for memorial showing in Peoria, to allow the citizens of city to go aboard a piece of world war landing craft that was so vital to the beach landings.  U.S. Route I-74 cuts through Peoria, and this is on the up river side of the bridge. Even the mated ducks in foreground find solitude here.

Caterpillar World Hdqrtrs Bldg and Peoria Skyline right above the gun. That's route 74 bridge coming into Peoria from East.

All photographs this page 2007 Don Phelps