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Argosy III - Jose E. Soler Ochoa

Stop No. 29
Location:  Arecibo, Puerto Rico
Photographer:  Jose E. Soler Ochoa
Date:  December 2007

About the Photographer:

A 64 year old attorney living at Arecibo, Puerto Rico, home of the famous radiotelescope. Jack of all trades but master of none, custodian of an odd assortment of around 144 cameras (around 25-30 of them ARGUS). Presently an avid road cyclist, pistoltarget shooter, car nut and baseball fan.

The Photographs:

This is Don Manuel, a long time street vendor within walking distance of my home. He used to help my two boys cross the busy road in the northern part of the island. Impervious to time and smoking he has been at his trade probably more than 30 years. He sells "piraguas", crushed ice with flavored syrup.

This beach spot is known as "La Poza del Obispo" (the Bishop's pond). History accounts state that when the first catholic bishop to arrive in Puerto Rico, july 16, 1785, Juan Alejo De Arizmendi was approaching the island a shipwreck ocurred and he miraculously was saved entering through this point. Nowadays, it is a favorite spot for bathers, providing the sea is calm and not like in the photo.

All photographs this page 2007 Jose E. Soler Ochoa