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Holiday Photo Contest 2008

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Rules and Guidelines:

Subject Matter: Anything having to do with the holiday season, whatever your particular holiday this time of year may be. Lights, decorations, winter scenes, kids with presents, Santa on the roof, glowing candles, whatever makes you feel all warm and fuzzy this time of year.

Camera/Film: ANY film based Argus brand camera may be used, that uses any size film ever created, as long as it's in a genuine Argus camera. Black and White, Color print, or slides, whichever you prefer. Just shoot it in an Argus.

How to Submit: Entries should be e-mailed to: (address removed). Any photographer may enter up to 3 photos. Please send only in jpg format, and no larger than 800 pixels on the long side. Entries must be received by January 15th, 2009. Please try to include as much technical information as possible about your photos (film, exposure, amusing situation, etc.)

Judging: Winners will be determined by votes cast by members of the ACG. All photos will be posted on the internet, and votes will be solicited from members. Please email your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice selections to (address removed).

Eligibility: The contest is open to all members of the Argus Collectors Group, and up to ONE person of the members immediate family. Example, if your wife, or offspring would like to participate, as long as they meet the rules, they may enter.  I believe that by having others enjoy shooting with Argus cameras it furthers interest in the cameras, photography in general, and spreads the joy of Argussness to others.

Prizes: Rick Martinson has offered a Sandmar Zoom-Vue 35-135mm viewfinder.  Wesley Furr is offering DVD copy of the Argus classic films "Argus Eyes for Victory" and "Fine Cameras and How They are Made".  Jonathan Saphire is offering a few boxes of B2 flashbulbs.  The first place winner will pick which prize they would like, second will pick from the remaining two, and 3rd place will receive the remaining prize.

Judging Guidelines: Entries be posted with NO captions, names, or technical information. The point of a photograph is that it be pleasing to the viewer, without having to be aware of the technique used to obtain the photo! So view the entries and e-mail in your votes for your own personal first, second and third choices.  The link at the top of this page will take you to the respective galleries where you can view the entries. Voting closes at midnight January 31st, 2009. Following the close of voting the existing galleries will be replaced with new galleries that identify the photographer, as well as any technical information or captions that go with the photos!

Special thanks to Tim Verthein for allowing the use of the rules and guidelines he created for this contest in 2005.