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Holiday Photo Contest 2014 Gallery

Please click here if you wish to view the rules and details about this past contest.

Edmund J. Kowalski

Christmas Wish

Rudolph the Wood Nosed Reindeer

Santa Xpress
Captured on the streets of Webster Groves and Kirkwood, Missouri, as their merchants set the mood for the Holiday Season.

Matchmatic S/N 1822185475, Fuji 200 print film.

For more of this set, please visit www.pbase.com/edkowalski/matchmatic1214

These images are Copyright 2014 E.J.Kowalski.

Earl English


My Gift

Shot with Argus SLR (no other designation) Fomapan 100 processed in home brew D-76.

About the Gift. It was actually given, and I was in trouble until she spotted the envelope beneath.

Joe Smith
All photos were taken on an Argus CR1 with a Takumar 35mm lens with a 2 times tele converter that allowed me to get these close-ups. Film Fuji 400, Exposure 1sec at f8. Processed at home with Tetenal C41 kit.

Perry Bain

2nd Place
They were both taken with an Argoflex Forty camera and Kodak Ektar 100 film. The cow pulling a wagon with a Christmas tree was taken in front of an antique shop in Coventry, CT (1/150 sec @ f/11, I think). The night photo is Santa and his reindeer over the falls in Putnam CT (30 sec @ f/11).

Sam Hotton

1st Place
Farm house in Salisbury, Maryland

Camera used was 1962 Argus C3  Serial # 1922202551

Light value was LV/EV 4 at 5:15pm 21 Dec. 2015

Film used was Lucky SHD 100 rated @ 100 asa
Exposure 4 seconds @ f8

Processed Rodinal 1+50 for 12 minutes 20 C.
I love this old farmhouse, it belonged to my Uncle Cecil and Aunt Retta.  I have many wonderful childhood memories from the 1950s,  visiting during the Holidays and playing in many spooky high ceiling rooms and the spacious yard.  The family that have it now, have made it even better than it was and take great pride in decorating it to the delight of everyone. 

I chose to use the Lucky SHD 100 film because it has virtually no anti halation backing and with the highly polished pressure plate and lovely Argus lens, one can obtain an old style look to the negative.

I hope all of you enjoy it and have a wonderful and happy 2015.

Robert Dungan

Colonial Williamsburg, Woman on bench outside of printing office.  Argus A, F11, 1/200 sec, Agfa Vista Plus 200 ASA film.

The Santa was taken in Williamsburg Virginia in front of a restaurant on Rt 60.
Argus A, 1/200 Sec F11 Agfa Vista Plus, 200 ASA  film.

Taken in Colonial Williamsburg Virginia, The Governor's Palace, Argus A, 1/200 sec F11 Agfa Vista Plus, 200 ASA film.

Wesley Furr

Christmas Eve, tree at a family member's home

Daughter with Christmas doll

Son with Christmas Lego's
3rd Place
Photos taken on Fuji 200 film with my wood re-covered C3.

Tree shot was long exposure with small aperture, perhaps around f/16 for 30 seconds.

Other photos with taken with electronic flash.