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Holiday Photo Contest 2017 Gallery

Please click here if you wish to view the rules and details about this past contest.

Edmund J. Kowalski

First Place
01-"Truckload of Bricks"
02-"Holiday Red"
03-"St Louis to San Francisco"
First photo was in my backyard. The others were at the National Museum of Transportation, St. Louis, Missouri.
All images were hand held with available light.
Kodak 200 print film.
Argus C-four, s/n 0329457.
Acquired in online auction, the camera was in sad shape. I gave it an extensive cleaning and repair, replaced lubricants, adjusted and calibrated functions, and replaced the front glass element of the lens; there were a lot of scratches in the original piece of glass.
All images are 2017 E.J.Kowalski.
To see other photos from this set, please go to: www.pbase.com/edkowalski/argusholiday2017

William Hamblen

Gray's on Main, Franklin, TN, dressed for Christmas.  Gray's on Main is a white table cloth restaurant located in a building that housed the Gray Drug Co. years ago.  Argus C-44, Cintagon f/2.8 50mm, Fujicolor CA 200, f/16 and 1/300th.  At least the dial said 300.  I suspect the shutter speed is off a little after 60 years.

A lighted sailboat near my house.  Argus C-44, f/2.8 50mm Cintagon, Fujicolor CA 200.  Handheld f/2.8 at 1/25 and scanned with a Plustek 7600i scanner using Silverfast, then post processed in Corel Aftershot 3.

Third Place (Tied)

Tom Hoglund
This one is called Speed and was taken with an Argus STL 1000 with the kit Cosinon f/1.7 50mm lens on Kodak T-Max ISO 100 35mm black & white film. Set a small aperture (f/16) to get depth of field which also helps lag the shutter a bit (1/100?) to get some motion blur on the fastest skater.

Honorable Mention

Don Phelps
Here is what I have from an Argus Geiss C Forty-four camera.  Photos is on Fuji 200, handheld at truck  window, as it was too bitter cold to use tripod and cable. I shot this at f5.6 1/15 sec. or 1/8, focus was just past the 50ft. mark. Too many cars were passing by on that street. Wind was up to 18mph. Between the mans yard light, and the different distances of the objects within the 40 feet from sidewalk to front of his house, I wanted it to appear as dark as I could behind them, without showing too much of the house. The big blue column is his Sycamore tree, and he's done a great job of placing the lights so each piece showed up at its max. I think the depressing of the shutter is what caused the slight double image. Love the results of the Cintagon f2.8 coated lens. This camera feels good in the hand.

Andy Karlson
Here are my entries, from my my first roll from my first Argus (a C4). It was my test roll, and I have to say I'm pretty pleased! I used Fujifilm Superia 400.

Dwight Howie
1st Photo Christmas house Argus stl 1000 fuji 400 developed in c 41 kit 50mm lens
2nd photo Christmas house 2 Argus stl 1000 fuji 400 developed in c 41 kit 50mm lens
3rd Photo Gilbert Stuart Museum first snow Argus stl 1000 fuji 400 developed in c 41 kit 50mm lens

Joe Smith

Third Place (Tied)
All photos taken with an Argus C3. Film Fuji 200iso developed with a c41 kit and scanned on a Epson scanner. Forgot to keep track of exposure. My photo buddy was a flash exp. the others available light.

Photo 1 My photo buddy
Photo 2 Resting
Photo 3 New toy

Wesley Furr
All three photos taken with an Argoflex EF on Kodak Ektar 100 film.  The first photo was taken with a Press 25 flashbulb, 1/50 at f/18.  I only wish I had a video camera rolling to capture their reaction when the flash went off!  The other two were long exposures.  The 2nd photo is of the bottom of the tree seen in the first photo.  The 3rd image was taken in the lobby of the Fulton Steamboat Inn near Lancaster, PA.

The rest of the photos I took can be seen at http://www.megley.com/photos/argus/xmas17
Perry Bain

This is the lighthouse at Scituate, Massachusetts, decorated for Christmas with a wreath. It was taken with an argus EF with Kodak Portra 160 film.

Second Place

This photo was taken at Quincy Market, in Boston MA. The camera was an Argus C4 Geiss with the 35mm Lithagon Lens, using Fuji Superia 400 film.