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Holiday Photo Contest 2020 Gallery

Please click here if you wish to view the rules and details about this past contest.

Edmund J. Kowalski

Third Place
Image 1: Ready for Decorating
Argus C-four and Kodak 400 color print film.
Hand held, maybe 1/15 second at f:5.6, filmstrip developed in Caffenol.
Our Christmas tree was out of storage and ready for the ornaments.

Image 2: Light up the Night.jpg
Argus C-four and Kodak 400 color print film.
Hand held, about 1/2 second, wide open at f:2.8, filmstrip developed in Caffenol.
Night time shot of the outdoor decorations in front of the home next door. The extra long exposure caused some unusual effects.

Image 3: HoHoHo
Argus C-four and Kodak 400 color print film.
Hand held, 1/238 second at f:16, filmstrip developed in Caffenol.
This wreath was on the side of a ticket kiosk outside the National Museum of Transportation, St. Louis.

All images are 2020 E.J.Kowalski.
More images are posted in a gallery at:

Rich Reeder
Used a 1954 Argus C3 #1011296, on all of these.  It was the camera I won in a Silent Auction of the Eden Gathering in 2012.

First:  11.22.2020.  7 sec, f/16, Christmas ornament, Portra close up aux. lens +3, Focused at 5.9'.  Actual distance 11".  Yellow filter.  What were you doing in 1980?

Second:  12.13.2020.  1/300, f/11, Christmas angel.  Yellow filter.  I went for a walk around the neighborhood, & stumbled onto a Christmas angel.

Third:  12.13.2020.  1/100, f/11, Angel shadow.  Yellow filter.  The shadow of the angel caught my eye.

Cheryl Chidester
Taken with an Argus C4.

Tom Hoglund
Here are a couple taken with a C3 between Christmas and New Years Day in the Lurie Garden in downtown Chicago. One is a memorial to a COVID victim who loved the garden which I know is kind of depressing, but reflective of the year that 2020 was. The other is a bit more hopeful with a sunburst reflecting off the Chicago highrise where I live, promising a better 2021. Both developed at home using Ilfosol.

Perry Bain

Second Place
Considering everything going on this year, I stayed home and took some photos within walking distance from my house. I was fortunate to get some pre-Christmas snowfall this year.

Photo 1: This is the town common of Grafton, Massachusetts, taken at night after a snowfall. I took a photo of the same area (from a different angle) for the 2013 contest, the first one I took part in. 2020 was a bad year for trees here, as well as people, and the town Christmas tree had to be replaced by an artificial one this year. Taken with my Argus SLR with 58mm Argus-Sekor on Fuji Superia 400 film.

Photo 2: This photo is from an antique shop near Grafton center. It was taken with an Argoflex 40 camera on Fuji 400H film.

Photo 3: This photo is of a decorated antique washing machine displayed outside the same antique shop. Taken with my Argus SLR with 58mm Argus-Sekor on Fuji Superia 400 film.

Robby Alexander
All three of these pictures were taken with my 1939 A, on the same roll of Kodak Gold 200 film, all at f11 with the shutter set to 200. I shot this roll specifically for this challenge, but also used it as a chance to test this A that I repaired. Unfortunately, my shutter must still be sticking occasionally, so most of my more "festive" shots got way over exposed.   They were all taken within a few days of Christmas, so I figured I might as well submit what I've got! I'm honestly just excited to be part of this, and can't wait to be a part of more contests in the future.
#1- Caprice
My '66 Caprice covered in snow and ice, Christmas morning. Last Christmas I drove it to see family, but decided to leave it parked this year to keep it from seeing any salt. We had a decent snowstorm ( for Maryland anyway) earlier in the week, and I still hadn't cleared the snow from the car.

#2 carriage house
I took this one at a small family gathering, at my aunt and uncle's house in pennsylvania. I thought the carriage house covered in snow would be a pretty cool shot, so I took it. My cousin asked about the camera after I took the picture, so I was able to teach him a little bit about it and show him how it worked.

#3 icicles
This was another one I took on Christmas morning, right outside my front door. I wanted to get the awning running from one corner of the frame to the other, but I was a little off as you can see. Shot this one first, then the one of my Caprice, and then hit the road.

Steven Wagner
All pictures were taken with a Argus C4, Argus Cintar 50mm f/2.8 on Kodak Pro Image 100 color film.  I got the camera from the auction at the recent ACG meeting.

First - 1/50th at f/8.  Natural light.  Shot on Main Street in Creedmoor, NC.  I liked the look of the dark green and red wreath against the white painted block.

Second - 1/50th at f/5.6.  Natural light.  Shot on Hillsboro Street in Pittsboro, NC.  The red door frame is a good frame for the wreath.

Third - Natural light.  Shot on Main Street in Garner, NC downtown.  I enjoy the humor of the waving elf with the cheeky grin.

James Surprenant
This year for laughs, I shot a roll of Kodak 400 Gold 110 Film that expired in February 1999 in my Argus 400 - the110 Pocket Camera With Built In Electronic Flash: that Ron gave us NIB as a premium item at the last Gathering I was able to attend.  :)

Thus the negatives were super thin, washed out and very very grainy!  Maybe that makes them artsy?  Maybe they're just junk?  Whatever, here are my 3.

Richard Chiriboga

First Place
Both were taken with CR2, a black CR2!! I used Fuji 400ASA film using my phone as a light meter. I was going to go outside and take some pictures around town, but I noticed that it was cold. I hate cold. I'm cold now. I want to go to Florida...It's warm in Florida..

Dan Mouer
I only have one image to submit this year. Unfortunately my camera had some serious issues and this is the best I could salvage. My entry is "Santa Goose." Camera is a Geiss modified C4 with the 100mm Tele-Lithagon lens. The film is Kodak Portra 160. Don't know the exposure, but I was probably shooting at 1/100th at somewhere around f11.