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Argus "C" Series Cameras

Argus Model CArgus Model C with F-S Switch
    Photo Courtesy of Phil Sterritt

Model: C
Production Years: 1938-1939
50mm F3.5
Original "Brick" Rangefinder Argus.
Notice there is no gear between the lens and the rangefinder.
The Earliest of these had a "dual range" switch for 2 range (fast & slow) shutter speeds.

Argus Model C2
Model: C2
Production Years: 1938-1942
50mm F3.5
Similar to the C, but with the Rangefinder coupled to the lens with a gear and NO flash attachment holes on left end.

Argus Model C3
Model: C3
Production Years: 1939-1957
50mm F3.5
Similar to the C2, but with flash sync attachment holes on left end.

Argus Model C3 Standard
    Photo courtesy of Jerry Vincent

Model: C3 Standard
Production Years: 1958-1966
50mm F3.5
Accessory shoe, and other features constant throughout its production.
Ten digit serial number stamped on the bottom of the camera.

Argus Model C3 Matchmatic
    Photo courtesy of Bob Bowman

Model: C3 Matchmatic
Production Years: 1958-1966
50mm F3.5
"Simplified" exposure system, to work only with Accessory Meter.
Similar to the standard C3 but two tone leather.

Argus Model C3 Golden Shield
    Photo courtesy of Bill Savage

Model:  C3 Golden Shield
Production Years: 19?? - 19??
50mm F3.5
A special version of the Match Matic C3 - metallic front cover replaces the leather back and an orange label replaces the argus logo.

Argus Model C33
    Photo courtesy of Phil Sterritt

Model:  C33
Production Years: 1959 - 1961
50mm F3.5 or F2.8
"Automated" C Model, used in conjunction with coupled, slip-on meter.
Shown here with CM2 meter and accessory viewfinder.