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Argus Unique Bodied Cameras

Argus Model K
    Photo courtesy Phil Sterrit

Model: K
Production Years: 1939-1940
50mm F4.5
A Commemorative Model, to Mark the 100th Anniversary of Photography. One of the rarest Argus Cameras.
Coupled Extinction Meter.

Argus Model D
    Photo courtest of William Savage

Model: D
Production Years: NONE
The Model 'D' was a developmental camera that was announced but never issued to the public. Only a few prototype cameras exist.

Argus Model M
    Photo courtesy of Jerry Vincent

Model: M
Production Years: 1939-1940
47mm F6.3
Highly Attractive Pre-war 828 Camera.
The only 828 camera made with a half frame/full frame option.

Argus Model 19
    Photo courtesy of Jerry Vincent

Model: 19
Production Years: 1947-1948
47mm F9.7
Similar to Model M, also called Minca 28.
Later it was produced by other companies as a premium camera and named: Delco 828, and Camro 28.

Argus Model A3
    Photo courtesy of Jerry Vincent

Model: A3
Production Years: 1940-42
50mm F4.0
Futuristic looking Metal-Bodied Camera, Built-in Extinction Meter.

Argus Model CC
    Photo courtesy of Phil Sterritt

Model: CC (Color Camera)
Production Years: 1941-1942
50mm F4.0
Essentially an A3 with built-in Photo-electric Exposure Meter

Argus Model A4
    Photo courtesy of Jerry Vincent

Model:  A4
Production Years: 1953-1956
44mm F3.5
A Departure from Conventional Designs, more resembling a Kodak Product.
Camera Stamped with Date of Mfgr: yymm.

Argus Model C20
    Photo courtesy of Jerry Vincent

Model:  C20
Production Years: 1957-1958
44mm F3.5
Essentially an updated A4.