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Argus A Survey

The Argus Collectors Group is conducting a survey to identify the attributes of the Argus A. The  purpose of the survey is to document changes in features of the camera family over their  production life.
The data collected will be posted on the ACG web site for all to use.

Have your camera handy, then proceed by answering each question, selecting one answer each from the drop down menus. When you are done, please CHECK YOUR ANSWERS CAREFULLY and then click on the [Submit] button to send us the information.

If any of the features of your camera don't match the choices provided, please describe them in the 'comments' section at the bottom of this page.

(1) MODEL - Which model Argus camera do you have? Please refer to the reference photos above and the model notes below, if necessary.
(2) SERIAL NO. - What is the camera serial number? Be sure to include any alphabetic prefix or suffix.
(3) BODY COLOR - What color is the body of your camera?
(4) APERTURES - What are the lens apertures (f/stops) as shown on the front or side of the lens?
(5) LABELING - What is the labeling on the front of the lens?
(6) SHUTTER SPEEDS - What are the shutter speeds as shown on the ring around the lens?
(7) TRIPOD SOCKET - Looking at the bottom of the camera, with the lens facing up, is there a tripod socket on the base of the camera?
(8) REWIND KNOB - How thick is the rewind knob on the bottom of the camera?
(9) FLASH SOCKET- Are there two holes on the side of the body to connect a flash?
(10) CAMERA BACK - What material is the back of the camera made of?
(11) BACK DESIGN - Is there a design on the camera back? (Please refer to figure two, below)
(12) BACK TAB - There should be a tab on the camera back to help open the back. What material is the tab made of?
(13) PRESSURE PLATE - Inside of the camera back is a plate designed to hold the film flat. How is the plate mounted?
(14) SPROCKETS - Inside the camera, the film sprocket(s) are to the right of the lens opening. Does your camera have:
(15) SPROCKET COLOR - What color is the sprocket in question 14?
(16) TAKE UP SPOOL - To the left of the lens opening is the film takeup spool. It has a vertical slit in it and turns when you turn the wind knob on top of the camera. What color is the spool?
(17) ORIGINAL PURCHASE DATE - Do you know when your camera was originally purchased (new)?
(18) OTHER HISTORY - Do you know any other history of your camera?
(19) COMMENTS - Please provide any additional comments about your camera:
(20) FULL NAME (optional):
(21) EMAIL ADDRESS: (optional & will be kept confidential):


Distinguishing features of each A-bodied Argus camera model.

Model A: The A may have "Argus" or an "Argus-ILEX-Precise" on the front of the lens. With the lens extended out it DOES NOT have a focusing ring between the lens and the body.

Model B: The B is similar to an A, but it has "PRONTOR II" on the front of the lens.

Model AF: The AF is like an A, but it has a focusing ring, marked in feet, between the lens and the body.

Model AA: The AA is similar to an A, but it has two "tubes" extending from the body to accept a flash.

Model FA: The FA has a large plastic fitting extending from the end of the camera, with two holes for mounting a flash.

Model A2B: The A2B has an exposure calculator on the top of the camera with a sliding bar. It DOES NOT have a focusing ring between the lens and the body.

Model A2F: The A2F is similar to a A2B, but it has a focusing ring, marked in feet, between the lens and the body.


A guide to the back designs of Argus A model cameras.

The ACG thanks you for your help!