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The 2020 ACG Gathering has been CANCELED due to COVID-19.

Doug Wilcox

Eden, North Carolina, USA
May 14-17th, 2020

Canceled for 2020 due to COVID-19

Eden City Hall
308 East Stadium Drive
Eden, NC 27288

Contact Number:
336-623-3520 (Ron Home)
336-613-3570 (Ron Cell)



Click Here for an OVERVIEW of what the ACG Gathering is all about

Online Registration

If you plan to attend, please help us out by completing the Online Registration Form.

Photo-op Information

Photos can be taken around town, at City Hall, etc.  Film will be handed out and processing done by two dedicated ACG members.  Photos will be returned at supper on Saturday, at which time everyone will vote for their favorite.

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Pictures from Previous Gatherings

Pictures by Doug Wilcox

First Gathering

Second Gathering

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Fifth Gathering

Pictures by other attendees

Second Annual Gathering

Randy Sweatt

Fourth Annual Gathering

Wesley Furr - Photos
Wesley Furr - Videos

Fifth Annual Gathering

Wesley Furr

Sixth Annual Gathering

Wesley Furr

Seventh Annual Gathering

Ed Kowalski (Chinqua Penn) (More Chinqua Penn) (Eden City Hall)
Wesley Furr

Eighth Annual Gathering

Ed Kowalski (Eden Digitals) (Petting Ranch) (Eden Film)
Wesley Furr
Rich Reeder

Ninth Annual Gathering

Ed Kowalski (Setup & Displays) (Outing) (Reception)
City of Eden (via Facebook)
ACG Yahoo Group (Membership Required)
Rich Reeder
Wesley Furr
News Article by GoDanRiver.com

Tenth Annual Gathering

Ed Kowalski (Friday) (Ribfest) (Reception)
Wesley Furr

Eleventh Annual Gathering
Ed Kowalski (City Hall) (Old Leaksville)
Tom Barbour
Earl English
Wesley Furr

Twelfth Annual Gathering
Wesley Furr

Thirteenth Annual Gathering
Wesley Furr

Fourteenth Annual Gathering
Wesley Furr

Fifteenth Annual Gathering
Wesley Furr

Sixteenth Annual Gathering
Wesley Furr